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Title I Academic Achievement Award, 2009

Merced is a Title I Academic Achievement Award winning school!





Welcome to the Merced School Website. To find out about the most current events for the month, click on the link above entitled “Our Schools” and then click on the link “Principal’s Message”.  In order to find out about events in your child’s grade level, click on the link entitled “Classrooms” and find the appropriate grade level. If you would like to communicate with a staff member via email, click on the  link entitled “Classrooms” and then click on the link entitled “Staff Directory”.

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Early Dismissal Last Day of School

Just a reminder that school gets out at 11:00 AM on May 30th, the last day of school.  Please pick up your child promptly at 11:00 AM.  and have a great summer!  Don't forget to use Ticket to Read.  The licenses are good through July.


What Does The Fox Say?

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Merced's Annual Jogathan

On Friday, March 14th the Merced Panthers ran laps (and more laps) in our 6th annual jogathan to raise money for our school! With a lot of hard work and determination the students of Merced were able to raise $19,000! As a result, Mr. Pfitzer along with several teachers danced to "What Does The Fox Say?" 

Parent Letter Regarding Safety Measures

Merced is a National Blue Ribbon School

Welcome to Merced Elementary School! Merced is a National Blue Ribbon School, a California Distinguished School, a Title I Achievement School, and a California Business Honor Roll School for Excellence in Education.  Merced’s Math & ELA AYP is the highest in the school district for a K-5 public school. AYP stands for Annual Yearly Progress and represents the percentage of students who scored advanced or proficient on the state test. Our AYP in Math is 85 % and 78 % for ELA. Merced’s overall API is the highest in the district of the non-charter public schools with a score of 914 points. API stands for Annual Performance Index and refers to a school’s overall score in both Math and English Language Arts. Merced’s success is based on a synergy where staff, student, and community come together to create an effective learning environment of Merced scholars. We are glad you’re here.

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On Saturday, March 22nd the Merced Track and Field Team competed in the 29th Annual Mt. SAC Relays Youth Days.  The Mt. SAC Relays marked the culmination of all of our hard work this season as we had an amazing day of running, jumping, hurdling, and throwing. It was wonderful to watch our panthers as they gave their very best and worked together as a team. Because of our "...past performances, enthusiasm, and pride" the Merced Track Team was also selected to participate in the opening ceremony. Only schools that have won the Youth Days Spirit Award are invited to be part of the opening ceremony. M-E-R C-E-D, Let's Go Panthers!!!

Youth Days Opening Ceremony

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Box Tops for Education

Help support Merced.  Save and turn in General Mills' Box Tops for Education.  We get ten cents for each box top for our school. 

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